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Electropedic VPL Wheelchair Vertical Platform Lift Choosing a Wheelchair Lift . . . Compare Price, Quality, Guarantee, Service and Selection: Most important: Quality . . . .Reliability! Our 56 years of experience in the electric home care products industry means we Know the most reliable units in the market. What is a Wheelchair Lift? Also known as a platform lift, wheelchair lifts, porchlift, wheelchair elevator, mobile home lift, . . . assist disabled persons in overcoming architectural barriers. Barriers are any obstacle hindering a persons negotiation of any area, such as stairs, high counters, or steep ramps. A wheelchair lift assists by raising and lowering its rider up over, or down from, barriers. Due to the many different options available for each type of lift, as well as the code requirements that must be met for each installation, consultation with a product specialist (either a lift manufacturer or an authorized dealer) is strongly recommended. Such consultation will ensure that you get the right lift for your needs. For options about how to fund purchasing a VPL Vertical Platform wheelchair lift Things to Consider before you buy a VPL Wheelchair Vertical Platform Lift: go to http://www.Electropedic.com for complete information The platform lift industry offers both portable as well as permanently-installed models; both for residential and commercial use.. Choosing which type you need is based on your situation, as well as code requirements enforced in your area. How do you plan on using the lift? If you operate a theater house and need a lift for actors, events, and patrons, you will probably want a lift that is low-profile and quiet. For college graduation ceremonies, portable models that move out of place when not needed might make more sense. For architect and engineer, see our code page for a breakdown of accessibility and safety codes. Also available are links to further resources for specifying different wheelchair lifts. Questions to ask a product specialist: How easy is it to install and use the lift? If you are purchasing a portable model, find out how easy it is to break down, transport, and setup. What is your warranty and what does it include? Warranties are important for any purchase; they are reflections of a company’s faith in their product, so a longer warranty will likely indicate a higher-quality product. What makes your lift better than your competitors’? It sounds like a cliché question, but it’s one worth asking. Each lift is different from the next, so it’s important to verify which lift will meet your needs. How loud is it? Each lift makes noise, but some are louder than others. You will need to decide what noise level is appropriate for your venue.

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