Gateway Foundation Alcohol & Drug Treatment Centers - Carbondale
1080 E. Park Street, Carbondale, IL, 62901

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At Gateway in Carbondale, we use life-saving medicine to help people with addiction. Located in a secluded, wooded area, our drug and alcohol addiction rehabilitation center will give you space to recover. We consider our quiet, 14-acre campus key to patient success. By giving you a calming space to work toward recovery, we aim to prepare you for healthier living. Visit our alcohol and drug rehab treatment center to see the difference for yourself. Many kinds of addictions affect patients’ lives. Our services address many common types of addictions, including those to: Nicotine (tobacco) Painkillers Marijuana Heroin and other opioids Cocaine Benzodiazepines Some patients have more than one addiction at the same time. During your intake, we will determine what kind of substance use disorder you have and build a care strategy. We’ll then work with you to address all of the challenges that addiction brings. In addition to treating drug addictions, we serve as an alcohol addiction rehab treatment center. Our services for alcohol addiction include: Behavioral therapy Medically supervised withdrawal Medications for withdrawal symptoms Support groups Scientific evidence and compassion for our patients drive our approach to alcohol addiction treatment. We provide the same level of care to our alcohol addiction patients as we do to our drug addiction patients. We take pride in our accreditation from the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO). The JCAHO evaluates health facilities for their ability to foster a safe and healthy environment for patients. Since the JCAHO holds clinics to a high standard, their accreditation demonstrates that a facility provides high-quality care. Our team receives support from JCAHO to: Improve risk management and reduction Foster confidence in the patient community Strengthen efforts related to patient safety Enhance staff hiring and training When you receive treatment from our staff, you can rest assured that you’ll get a high level of care. Our addiction treatments aim to address all aspects of substance use disorder. We treat the social, behavioral and physical elements of addiction through comprehensive care services. Depending on your symptoms and circumstances, you might receive services such as: Cognitive-behavioral therapy Dual diagnosis treatment Mindfulness-based sobriety Dialectical behavior therapy Acceptance and commitment therapy 12-Step facilitation Trauma-informed therapy Support groups and group therapy Motivational interviewing therapy Medication-assisted treatment Age-based and gender-based patient group involvement Every patient takes part in an intake during their first treatment to our clinic. During this appointment, we will ask you questions about your drug use, current situation and medical history. We’ll then use that information to create a customized care plan that accounts for your needs. Some patients can have half-day or full-day outpatient treatment, while others may need residential care. Situated amid 14 wooded acres near Southern Illinois University, Gateway Foundation Carbondale is easily accessible to patients throughout central and southern Illinois, as well as Kentucky and Missouri. We are in-network with all major insurance companies.

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